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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Jildeh is one of the most detail oriented physicians that I have ever encountered. Outside of his exemplary bedside manner, Dr. Jildeh provided excellent medical care. He took the time to explain my condition to me and spoke with compassion. He thoroughly reviewed my options, including the risks, benefits, and alternatives in a way that I understood. He engaged me in decisions regarding my own care, which is invaluable. To him, I was not just another patient. Outside of this, he is an expert in the field. I highly recommend Dr. Jildeh to all patients.

Dr. Jildeh is absolutely the best at what he does. Whenever I have a question, he is always eager to help out even if it seems self-explanatory. He doesn't make me feel like just another patient, but instead like a real person. After my first experience with Dr. Jildeh, I have sent countless family and friends to him as well and they share the same opinion. I highly recommend Dr. Jildeh for your orthopedic needs.

Dr. Jildeh is a phenomenally talented surgeon and an all around wonderful human being. I was blessed to have been referred to him for treatment. Throughout the entire process I always felt like Dr. Jildeh had my best interest in mind and a commitment to helping me.

My daughter has been dealing with knee problems and pain for four years. She's seen several doctors, had several diagnoses, multiple knee braces and had multiple rounds of physical therapy. And then we finally connected with Dr. Fitton at MSU Sports Medicine who referred us to Dr. Jildeh. Dr. Jildeh recommended surgery and performed a scope on my daughter's knee. About 2 months later, she's having very little pain and she's returning to sports... And she's so excited! Dr. Jildeh is wonderful! I highly recommend his medical recommendations and expertise.

I have been dealing with knee pain since 2016. I had seen several orthopedic doctors in two different states, completed several rounds of physical therapy, and had several MRIs. No one believed me when I told them that something was wrong with my knee. I made a last attempt to get help and was referred to Dr. Jildeh. He listened to my complaints and had knowledge of what could be wrong with my knee and he was correct. My diagnosis is clinical meaning there is no imaging that can be performed to diagnose me, just in-office exams. Based on in-office exams, my knee was not stable and my tibia was moving so he decided to perform surgery and it worked. I went from 7-8/10 pain every day to 0/10 pain and it feels like I got a brand new knee. I recommend seeing Dr. Jildeh because he listens to you and makes time for you to feel heard. I was losing hope and thought I would live in pain forever until I saw him.

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